Spring Courses


Deep dive into this Master's Level study of Hebrews and its feminine narrative and Christological imagery to refresh and refuel your own ministry. Clergy and Ministry TrackCourse dates, Feb. 9-Mar. 16, 2022.


Reclaiming: Your Value, Your Vision, Your Voice

In this course, women clergy will be introduced to processes for confronting their own trauma and emotional pain while leading others through redemptively. Clergy Track. Course dates, Mar. 23- Apr. 27, 2022. 


Enneagram and Power Questions for Leaders

The wisdom of the Enneagram offers practical and powerful insight into our world. Whether leading those in your home, groups in your ministry, or teams in your career, these six powerful questions will help you level up your leadership. Join Jennifer for six weeks using the Enneagram for better leadership. Participants should have general knowledge of Enneagram and their number prior to the course. Ministry Track.  Course Dates, Mar. 23-Apr. 27, 2022. 


Fall Courses

Taking Stock and Moving Forward

This course will examine the parts of life that tend to become overwhelming: our schedules, expectations, and stuff. Were we really made to multi-task, juggle and swim with our heads barely out of the water? What would it look like to declutter a room, a relationship, or a dream? Learn your organizing style, explore your inventory, and consider a new season for your commitments and calling. Ministry Track. Course Dates, Aug. 10-Sept.14


Preach Like a Girl

Unleash your power to preach! Discover the ancient practices of storytelling and narrative as feminine arts and find new and fresh ways to enliven your preaching for contemporary listeners. Clergy Track. Course Dates, Aug. 31-Oct. 5.


Sacred Self

In this course, women will explore ideas around true self and divine calling, working to unearth our innermost Spirit-formed self while confronting false notions of imposter syndrome and not enough-ness. Ministry Track. Course Dates, October 26-Dec.7


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